Chris Woodcock's
1951 License Plate Run

I collect license plates from 1951 as this was the year I was born. Interesting to see that so many are in better condition than I am! Here are the US States -- actually Hawaii and Alaska weren't states when I was born, but they did have license plates, so ...
The Canadian Provinces are below.

Note the irregular shape of the licenses - a size had not been standardized.
The Conn., Del, and D.C. plates are all much smaller than most others.
The Del. plate was the hardest (last) for me to find.
The varying plate sizes resulted in some rather interesting licenses like the Kansas and Tennesse plates shaped like their states!

The Montana plate states quite clearly that it is "Prison Made".
This is impressed at the bottom of the plate and hard to see in a picture.
The Tennesse plate in 1951 is prized by college football fans from that State as it is in the colors
of the state's national champion football team that year!

I have a few other 1951 plates from my home state - Massachusetts - a Dept of Public Utilities Common Carrier Plate, a plate for Municipal Vehicles, a pair of Motorcycle Plates, and a Plate issued to Well Connected Politicians.

Here's my collection of Canadian "51's"

This Northwest Territories plate was the hardest (and most expensive)!

Thanks for looking - I hope you enjoyed these! There's more at my main page Chris Woodcock's License Plate Home Page
Or check out the Link to the ALPCA for more on the hobby of license plate collecting!

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