Chris Woodcock's Bird License Plates

I collect License Plates with Birds on them. The Bird Plates I have (all below) are:

The first set below is a group of EAGLES from several states; next are a flock of Cardinals -- these both seem to be popular birds for license plates along with a Red "Bird" from Jacksonville State University. 



Next are are some waterfowl,  note Louisiana's old and new use of the Pelican

 Below several "yellow" birds (wren, goldfinch & warbler), plus the Pennsylvania Owl, Florida Spoonbill and Maine Chickadee


The sets below are some more bird plates from around the USA.  Some are particularly bright and attractive.
















The following AR Hummingbird plate was the ALPCA plate of the year (and this was the actual plate pictured and presented for the vote), the others are part of the Natural State Series and the Ducks Unlimited issue.  I think Arkansas makes some of the nicest optional plates.  The Ivory Billed Woodpecker was issued in January 2006.

Illinois has issued a series of bird plates with similar backgrounds and format -- they are called the Sporting Series :


The one below is a US Navy Plate from McMurdo Station (disbanded) HQd at Wigram Field in New Zealand.

The plates in this last set may not be considered "bird" plates by some collectors.
As they include birds in the graphics, I include them in my collection.

The Mass "whale" plate actually has the RT prefix for the two terns flying over the whale. The birds in the graphic at the top of the last plate are quite small, as are the birds in the Alabama Waterfall plate.

This last one is my favorite (for obvious reasons).  Pierre in BC (ALPCA 5196) made this picture for me!

I also collect Hockey related plates, Massachusetts License Plates, US and Canada Plates from 1951 (my birth year), Northwest Territories Polar Bears,  License Plates from the Foreign Countries I have been to,  and my Wife has a collection of Flower Plates.

Check out the Link to the ALPCA for more on the hobby of license plate collecting!


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